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It all starts by talking to a Coach!

Welcome to your first step to a lifetime of great golf. At GOLFTEC we believe in fact-based instruction. In order to swing better and play better, you'll need to have your swing analyzed and your equipment measured by our Certified Coaches to truly understand your current golf game

Armed with this information, your Coach recommends a customized golf lesson plan or equipment changes to reach your desired goals. This is the first step building the game you have always wanted. 

Swing Evaluation

Your First Step to Greater Golf

The introductory GOLFTEC golf lesson is a Swing Evaluation with a Coach who will analyze your golf swing, and ask you about your game and goals.

60 Minute Comprehensive Swing Evaluation with a Certified Coach


Club Fitting

Play Way Better with Properly Fit Clubs

An unbiased recommendation of clubs that are best for your game from top manufacturers and sold at prices guaranteed to match other retailers.

60-90 Minute Custom Club Fitting with a Certified Fitter 


GOLFTEC Swing Evaluation

During this 60-minute golf lesson, you and your Coach discuss where your game is now and where you'd like it to be. Your Coach quantifies your golf swing with our Motion Measurement technology and video analysis to give you an in-depth view.

GOLFTEC Club Fitting

During your 60-90 minute fitting, your Fitter combines golf equipment expertise with our guided Club Fitting process to identify the optimal club heads, golf shafts and adjustments to best compliment your swing to optimize your performance.

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