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In the videos below, you'll see golfers just like you who have improved their games at GOLFTEC. When you're ready to begin your own story, fill out this form and a local GOLFTEC Coach will contact you about your game and goals.

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We're all about helping YOU play better golf

At GOLFTEC, you have every tool you need to improve your entire game.

But you don't have to take our word for it. Hear what GOLFTEC students say about taking golf lessons and being fitted for golf clubs with us.

"I've saved over 20 strokes at GOLFTEC."

Drew went from a 36 handicap to an 11 with the help of his GOLFTEC Coach.

When Drew first came to GOLFTEC he knew he wanted to play better golf, but not how to make that happen. Through his relationship with his Coach, Drew was shown a clear path to improvement and was able to make huge strides and start setting - and meeting - goals for lasting results.


"I've had many breakthrough moments,

it's like peeling an onion. There's always another layer."

Rebecca thought golf was just a game of feel. When Rebecca first came to GOLFTEC she wanted the perfect swing. She still does. Seeing her swing analyzed by her Coach opened her eyes. It became clear to her how having the feedback and training at GOLFTEC is essential to her continuing success as a golfer. Together with her Coach, they started setting – and meeting – her goals for lasting results.


"It feels good to write down 80-something...

not 90- or a 100-something."

When Greg first came to GOLFTEC he knew he wanted to play better golf, but didn't know how to make it happen. Through his relationship with his Coach, Greg was shown a clear path to improvement and was able to meet - and exceed - his goals for lasting results. Now he's posting lower scores and truly enjoying his golf game. He shares his story in this GOLFTEC Student Story video


"I needed a Coach...

I was trying to teach myself and I wasn’t getting any better - I was getting worse."

Chris has played golf for over 25 years. In all that time, he’d never seen his swing on camera. Doing so opened his eyes. He wanted to be shooting in the low 70's but needed the feedback and training a GOLFTEC Coach can provide. Since becoming a student, he’s gained 20 yards with properly-fit equipment and dropped 10 strokes from his game. Together with his Coach, Chris is setting – and meeting – his goals for lasting results.


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