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Golf Channel Drills

presented by GOLFTEC

GOLFTEC has teamed up with Golf Channel to offer tips and drills during their live broadcasts. GOLFTEC hopes to educate and inform viewers about how data can be used to help you improve your game. 


The latest Tips & Drills as seen on Golf Channel

A Club Fitting Had A Huge Impact On This Student's Game

Real Student - Real Results

Busting BAD Advice Everyone Tells You To Do!

Nick Clearwater is busting the worst advice in golf in this exclusive video.

Gain Distance With An Optimum Launch Angle

Brad Skupaka talks about how your launch angle impacts distance - and how to fix it

Better Contact, Better Shots

Patrick Nuber has a drill you can do to make better contact for better shots in this exclusive Golf channel video.

Tips To Make Better Contact With Irons

Nick Clearwater offers some quick tips to make better contact with your irons in this exclusive Golf channel video.

Avoid The Slice With This Quick Tip

Brad Skupaka has tips to help you avoid the slice.

Increase Your Smash Factor With Irons

Brad Skupaka has tips to help you smach the ball with your irons.

Everything You Need to Improve

Technology that measures key body movements, unmatched data on the golf swing, video practice and more. At GOLFTEC, you have every tool you need to improve your entire game.

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How To Gain Distance With Your Driver

Nick Clearwater breaks down how to gain distance with your driver in this exclusive video as seen on Golf Channel

Three Course Strategies To Save Three Strokes

Nick Clearwater provides three tips to save you three stokes in this exclusive video as seen on Golf Channel

Fix Your Slice With This Grip Change

Nick Clearwater shows you how to fix your slice.

Proper Neck Movement For Swing

Brad Skupaka illustrates proper neck position in this exclusive Golf channel video.

Use Club Technology To Improve Iron Play

Brad Skupaka demonstrates how the latest technology makes hitting your irons easier.

Master The Short Game

Nick Clearwater has tips to help your short game.

Buy Custom Fit Golf Clubs

Did you know nearly 90% of U.S. golfers use the wrong golf clubs for their game? That's why we sell clubs from top brands fully optimized to you through our club fitting process powered by TECFIT..

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Save Your Back When You Swing

Nick Clearwater has advice if your back is causing you trouble

Advantages Of A Low Flighted Wedge

Brad Skupaka explains the advantages of a low flighted wedge

How Low Is Your Swing?

Brad Skupaka is here to help you identify the low point in your swing and fix it for solid contact.

Consistently Hit Greens With Your Irons

Nick Clearwater shows you how improve consistency with your irons in this exclusive Golf channel video.

Angle Of Attack

Nick Clearwater explains how your angle of attack impacts your iron shots.

Keep Your Head Down Myth Debunked!

Nick Clearwater debunks the myth of keeping your head down.

Adjusting Driver To Eliminate Slice Or Hook

Brad Skupaka explains how adjusting your driver can eliminate your slice or hook.

A Fast Warm-Up When You Are Rushed

Brad Skupaka offers a quick way to warm up when you're in a hurry.


Your Own Personal Coach

At GOLFTEC, your lessons are led by a dedicated Coach whose sole purpose is tailoring instruction to you and serving as your guide so you achieve your goals on the golf course.

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Find Your 'Go To' Shot Under Pressure

Nick Clearwater explains how course management can save you strokes

How To Draw Every Single Shot

Nick Clearwater shows you how to draw every single shot

Club Fitting Makes a HUGE Difference

Club Fitting makes a huge difference - just ask Nick Clearwater who has the numbers to back that up

Get More Distance with Less Spin Loft

Nick Clearwater explains how less spin loft equals more distance

How To Straighten Out Your Drives

Whether you overdraw or slice, Patrick Nuber has a drill to help straighten out your shots

The Importance Of Correct Loft In A Driver Fitting

Nick Clearwater talks about the importance of loft during a golf club fitting

Hit Better Drives With This Drill

Nick Clearwater with a drill to help you hit better drives

A Drill To Fix Your Slice

Brad Skupaka has a drill to fix your slice

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